Mazel Tov

by J S Margot



Genre:Biography & Memoir / Non-fiction



Broke and unemployed, 20-year-old Margot takes up a tutoring job with the Schneiders, an Orthodox Jewish family. Indignant about the insularity and conservatism of their religious life, she dismisses her employers as socially backward, out of step with the modern world.With the Gulf War and the Intifada looming in the background, Margot finds herself caught between clashing cultures: her relationship with her Iranian boyfriend Nima is met with prejudice, while the Schneiders’ devotion to Israel provokes similar discontent in him. Through impassioned debates over religion, belonging and cultural heritage, Margot and the Schneider family begin to move past conflict and towards mutual understanding and appreciation.Told with disarming frankness and humour, and brimming with provocation, Mazel Tov is a powerful lesson in tolerance that leaves no stone unturned in its search for truth and cross-cultural understanding.

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